ThatPlace Dungeon and BDSM Education Center

ThatPlace Dungeon and BDSM Education Center

ThatPlace Dungeon and BDSM Education CenterThatPlace Dungeon and BDSM Education CenterThatPlace Dungeon and BDSM Education Center

New Dungeon in Oklahoma City

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Our Mission

 ThatPlace Dungeon and Education Center is dedicated to supporting the  BDSM, Kink, Fetish, LGBTQ+, and Leather Communities through Education,  Acceptance and Community Building. 

About Us

The Owners


Mytor and LoveToBeBound are Co-Owners of ThatPlace Dungeon which opened the first weekend of May 2018.

Mytor and LoveToBeBound have been integral members of the Oklahoma community for many years, who have traveled local and aboard to attend numerous diverse events and classes to gain formal education to pass on to others.

Focus of ThatPlace

 The primary focus of ThatPlace is to promote education into the BDSM lifestyle. Holding classes that includes relationship dynamics, scening style, safety, and consensual interactions will also occur.


ThatPlace hosts  BDSM/Kink/Fetish Parties most weekend, alternating between Friday and Saturday along with some weekday gatherings.

ThatPlace Dungeon

After looking high and low for several years, W/we found a location on the north side of Oklahoma City that has the benefits afforded to get our kink on.

ThatPlace is currently 2600 sq ft. With 1400 sq ft of scening space and 625 sq ft of a social gathering space. The rest of the facility encompasses the kitchen, two bathrooms, and an office. 

The kitchen will be stocked with cold bottled water, finger snacks, and other goodies.

The main dungeon is supplied with 11 scening stations.

· 3 St. Andrews Crosses, one of those as a double cross

· A Bondage Table

· A Gynological Medical Table

· A Whipping post, with ample distance for a nice whip

· An Inversion Table

· A Spanking bench

· A Hardpoint for rope suspension

· A Pagoda

· 5 Aftercare benches that are next to scening stations

 · Seating to watch the wonderful scenes

Events, Classes, and Parties

Don't see the Calendar?

 We have received reports that the calendar does not display in Microsoft Edge. If you don't see the calendar above, click the ThatPlace Google Calendar button below. 

ThatPlace Vetting and Membership Information


** Vetting requests require an email address for each person. **
 Submitting a vetting request with the same email address will overwrite the first submitted request.

Your legal information will be used for Public Record check, Sex and Violent Offender  look up. Searches will have an emphasis on, but not exclusive to,  abusive behaviors and theft. We will strive to be fair in our vetting  process. Every effort will be made to keep your information private.  Only the management of ThatPlace will have access to personal  information.  
***  Adding to the email contact or whitelist will  help ensure emails from ThatPlace will not marked as spam. ***

Vetting requests are usually processed within 48 hours and a response  sent via email.  Please directed any questions to regarding vetting,  ThatPlace, and if an email response is not received to or PM ThatPlace profile on FetLife.